“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim”

– Nora Ephron

In 2019, I designed my first jewellery range called Metamorphosis. It was part of my healing process after some turbulent and traumatic years in my life. The range was symbolic of creating something beautiful while emerging from darkness, just as a butterfly would transform. I was overwhelmed by the number of brave women that came forward and shared their own stories of trauma and heartache. The fact that Metamorphosis touched so many people was a surprising gift and a blessing to me.

This year, my 2020 inspiration has brought Metamorphosis Midnight. It symbolises all those stories and all the women who got back up and chose to shine even when at their darkest. I wanted this range to be affordable but still exclusive. The pieces are made in Sterling Silver with black & pink Swiss Cubic Zirconia stones and black enamel detail. Each Metamorphosis piece comes beautifully packaged.

I have always loved black in jewellery as it makes a dramatic statement. In contrast I have brought in soft shades of pink for a feminine touch. The colour inspiration for my Midnight range symbolises strength combined with compassion and empathy.